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Your Archive in the Cloud

SAP Imaging and Data Archiving in the Cloud

Over 80% of all medium and large enterprises have one or multiple Cloud services deployed in their organization. Software-as-a-Service concepts have found their way into almost all modern day enterprises. Data management in the cloud offers high availability and security paired with low risks. SolutionXchg offers SAP Cloud Imaging and Data Archiving services on SAP-certified KGS CS4S content server software for compliant and secured data storage either as a full service solution implemented on-premise or in a secured environment on Amazon Web Services, Google’s Rackspace or Microsoft’s Azure .

Data Migration into the Cloud

Whether you overhaul your IT infrastructure or migrate your data to the Cloud or replace your existing SAP content archive with a solution from KGS and SolutionXchg: migrating your documents with our high-performance migration tool to a revision-proof and future-proof solution significantly reduces administration and infrastructure costs and eliminates costly software maintenance bills.

Cloud Archiving Benefits
Cloud Architecture Choices

Cloud Based Services

The main drivers for Cloud Computing are: lower costs, better scalability, higher availability, more flexibility, and a new level of elasticity. While there are many benefits, the challenges lie in areas of security, control of data and access, and migration of data into and out of a cloud service. Many businesses look to cloud computing as a means to more efficiently deliver IT services to users in their organizations

Cloud Archiving Solution

The avant-garde definition of the SAP ArchiveLink interface allows a high quality service solution to be built. Any functionality of the underlying archive system is completely transparent to the business transaction and therefore highly suitable for a transparent service offering. Secure HTTP and timed security certificates safeguard the transmission of data through the Internet. VPN tunnels are available as an additional security layer. Our solution, based on a standardized platform and fully automated migration concept, offers easy and fast deployment within days, not months. Based on the KGS ContentServer4-Storage which represents one of the fastest and most scalable content server solutions for SAP SolutionXchg has build a selection of Cloud offerings. Built on highly reliable and cost effective virtual platform offerings by Amazon Web Services, Google Rackspace or Microsoft Azure, we are offering self-serviced or fully administered SAP content management solutions.


  • Out-of-the-box SAP connectivity
  • Reduced Administration
  • No capital investment
  • Instant Deployment


  • Main drivers for cloud computing are lower costs, better scalability, higher availability, more flexibility and a new level of elasticity
  • Cloud-based document and data archiving offers a cost effective way to maintain high availability and reliability. Based on SAP ArchiveLink, archiving in the cloud can offer immediate, private, secure data storage and retrieval services in cloud environments.
  • Migration services allow for standardized data transfer in and out of the cloud and eliminate the risk of provider lock-in

Our Consulting Team

SolutionXchg employs highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field. Backed by our proven implementation methodology we generate fast ROIs. Our consulting approach emphasizes transferring our knowledge to our customers in order to enable and make them successful during and beyond the project. Each project is custom designed to a customer's objectives and its SAP environment.