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Archive Content Connector (ACC)

Archive Content Connector – ACC by solutionXchg.

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The Archive Content Connector (ACC) is an HTTP Servlet that connects one SAP system to several SAP ArchiveLink content repositories. Using the ACC allows a system administrator to connect a quality control content repository (read/write mode) and a production content repository (read only mode) to the same configuration in SAP.

With that, an end user retrieving a document from your SAP QA system (typically a full copy of production) will have the ability to retrieve all production documents read-only as if he or she were using PROD, while having the capability to store and retrieve QA-only documents seamlessly from a separate content repository.

The ACC redirects the calls appropriately to make this magic happen flawlessly in the background. Based on its configuration, it will for example, first attempt to retrieve a given document from the connected PROD content repository, and if not found, continue to attempt retrieval of that document from a second or third QA content repository. Similar techniques allow directing write traffic to the correct location defined in the ACC customizing.

With the ACC by solutionXchg the time-consuming effort to prime your QA repository with data or to manipulate SAP tables after each creation of a quality control SAP clone is completely eliminated. Your test cases continue to function exactly the same in QA and Prod. Regression testing for archive document related business scenarios and workflows has never been easier. Finally, a refresh of your QA system is not disabling your document access for testing anymore.

At the same time your production system can be protected against accidental or un-intended writes by setting the ACC Prod repository connection to read-only, while allowing full read/write access on the ACC QA repository connection.

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License Key Information

The product auto-installs with a 30-day evaluation licenses.

A full usage license can be obtained by sending a license request to SolutionXchg offers enterprise wide licenses with an annual maintenance fee or single computer licenses without annual maintenance fee. Licensing is perpetual for a specific version. If you would like to update or upgrade your single computer license simple re-purchase the software with an existing customer upgrade discount. Purchases can be made by CreditCard/PurchaseCard only. We will send you a invoice with purchase instruction. Upon receipt of funds, we transmit a valid license key. Your purchase is guaranteed by your credit card and

Please be advised that after the 30-day evaluation license has expired, the product will continue working in a test mode only. It will not perform any remote document retrieval or archival tasks any more.


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SolutionXchg employs highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience in the field. Backed by our proven implementation methodology we generate fast ROIs. Our consulting approach emphasizes transferring our knowledge to our customers in order to enable and make them successful during and beyond the project. Each project is custom designed to a customer's objectives and its SAP environment.