Migration Project Examples

Leading companies decided to replace their ailing legacy SAP archiving solution with modern SAP ArchiveLink compliant solutions!

Several leading companies world-wide decided to replace their ailing legacy archiving solutions with modern SAP ArchiveLink compliant products. While the installation of a new archiving solution like the KGS ContentServer4Storage can be done in just a few hours once the necessary hardware environment is in place, migrating all the documents from the legacy archive to the new solution is not something that can be done over night. In the past migrating an archive with thousands or millions of documents was a monumental task. In fact, the task was so intimidating that it served as a vendor lock-in for many of the established enterprise content management system providers. It does not have to be that way.

KGS has developed a one of its kind migration tool that eliminates the need for any interface programming or manual procedures during the process. The KGS Migration4ArchiveLink product is exceptionally fast and scalable to maximize migration throughput by processing multiple data streams in parallel. Migration speed is only limited by the speed of your existing legacy archiving product, your network, and the speed of your storage system.

In recent implementations, the KGS and solutionXchg implementation teams have achieved impressive results:

Use Case of a Large Technology Company:

Customer: Large international technology company.
Business Need: Consolidation of several legacy archives into one centralized solution.
Benchmarks: More than 1 million documents per day in a 24 hours operation, with three parallel instances of the migration tool on one server and 32 parallel threads on each instance. This translates into more than 7 million documents per week in a full production environment.

Use Case of a Building Material Manufacturer:

Customer: Large international home and office building products company.
Business Need: Cost savings through reducing ongoing archive maintenance cost and IT standardization on virtual platforms to reduce server and maintenance cost.
Benchmarks: Over 8 TB of data and documents (about 29 million documents) migrated in an eight week operation with on average 700,000 documents per day. The migration process was running on four parallel instances of the migration tool on virtual machines and up to 30 parallel threads on each instance. Migration was throttled during the day to avoid negative performance impact on end-users of the legacy system and maximized over night and on the weekends.

Use Case of a Consumer Goods Company:

Customer: Large international consumer goods company.
Business Need: Replacement of an aging legacy SAP archiving solution to improve performance and reduce the amount of storage required to manage the archived documents.
Benchmarks: Multiple instances of the migration tool running in parallel to maximize throughput.

A document conversion of TIFF images to PDF and additional compression of Tiff images was conducted on the fly to minimize storage space. The process was managed in the US and supervised by remote IT teams during off-hours. All migration tasks were automatically documented for compliance purposes in the migration database tool.

These examples show the capabilities of the KGS Migration4ArchiveLink tool, which is significantly faster than any of the comparable tools in the industry at this time.

In addition, the KGS migration solution for SAP document and data archiving offers:

  • Database-backed migration procedure: compliance and procedural information is preserved in an SQL database for complete process documentation.
  • Multi-threaded multi-instance migration tool: maximizing migration throughput to shorten migration duration to a minimum; up to 10 times faster than other approaches.
  • Powerful proxy functionality: Migration proxy service serves up legacy documents seamlessly during ongoing migration process.
  • Zero downtime: Hot cut-over to replacement solution through simple SAP configuration change.

The packaged solution allows for an installation in parallel to your current SAP archive solution. The web server based migration cockpit is making the document migration a non-issue. With just a few clicks your documents will start migrating in the background from your legacy system to your new environment. And the product installation and set-up can be done in as little as 3 days…