Large Consumer Goods Company

Large Consumer Goods Company.

By engaging with the archival experts at solutionXchg, the company conducted a remarkably smooth and successful migration and now archives financial information at a fraction of the cost associated with its legacy system. In fact, the first-year maintenance fee savings alone paid for the investment:

“With the KGS archival solution, we greatly reduced lifetime ownership costs through significant maintenance fee savings that accrue annually. The other upgrade savings and functionality improvements, while quite meaningful, were just icing on the cake.”

Paul P., Systems Engineer, Transformation Project

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Jochen Hager

Jochen C. Hager is a results-oriented and proven professional over 20 years of consulting and management expertise in the SAP Eco space. He is an expert in translating business requirements into solution proposals, analyzing existing operations and implementing strategies, processes and technologies to improve organizational performance. He has extensive experience in SAP, ECM (Enterprise Content Management), and storage technology to help companies improve operating efficiency, reduce cost and increase revenue. He personally designed the SAP ArchiveLink interface together with SAP engineers almost 15 years ago. Over the last 10 years, he and his team have helped more than 200 large ERP / SAP customers to implement an Imaging and WF solution, gaining significant business process improvements. Jochen held positions in Consulting, Consulting Management, Business Development, and Executive Management with Open Text / IXOS, Mobius Management Systems, 170 Systems, and other organizations.

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