KGS Migration4SAP Speed

SAP ArchiveLink Migration with KGS Migration4SAP can migrate more than 1+ million documents per day in a 24 hours operation, with three parallel instances on one server and 32 parallel threads on each instance. This translates into more than 7 million documents per week in a full production environment when sun-setting existing SAP archiving solutions.

City of Edmonton completes Archive Migration

The City of Edmonton (CoE) IT department in Canada successfully completed a cost saving archive migration this week. CoE choose to utilize the KGS Migration Tool to migrate over 800 thousand data files from a legacy SAP-linked archiving solution to a new target archiving solution. The migration happened seamlessly in the background without noticeable impact for the business community. Certain instabilities with the ailing legacy system required to prop-up the legacy system before beginning with the production migration. Once the legacy system was stabilized and the migration procedure was established, the actual production migration took less than 10 business days.

Improving Readability on Scanned Images

Kofax VRS significantly improves image quality during the scanning process. Whether you use Kofax scanning software or other scanning software, Kofax VRS crops and deskews images, removes speckles and smudges, background colors and punch hole shadows. I have seen readability and OCR rates go up significantly with the use of this tool.

Filenames in ArchiveLink Attachment List

SAP has added the functionality of displaying file names in addition to document type descriptions in the ArchiveLink attachment list. This requires a certain release and support package level as well as configuration. Please, check out OSS notes  0001451769 and 0001560955.